Please see full information of Snake Man

Snake Man
{{{nihongo}}} Suneku Man
Snake Man (Pop'n Music Form)
SeasonTechnoliner, Mega Man 3
Eye ColorRed
First Appearanceby Yamasho Takaji's trans
Theme ColorGreen
Main WeaponSearch Snake
SSsssnake Man is a ssslippery Robot Masssster that hidesss in cornersss and other placesss for sssurprissse attacksss. Hisss favorite hidingsss are cavesss, airductsss and cardboard boxesss. He hasss a communicator to contact Wily whenever needed.


He usesss Sssssearch Sssssnakes, jumpsss, and isss the easiessst Robot Massster.

Human Life

Please see the human form of Snake Man.

Snake Man's real name was Yamasho Takaji. He was a geek, even he did some of the unintelligent things.



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