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Spartan foolies is a humor article based on two spartans in search of the princess.


They had to battle, The „new„ talos, unseeen-a giant sand scorpion, even mechanic villians.


Red spartan

Red Spartan
The red spartan serves as the brain of the two spartans and one of the two main characters.

Black Spartan

Black Spartan
The black spartan was the fool of the two spartans causing most of the times, problems.He is one of the two main characters.

Events and troubles

And Umm...On wich level are we?

And...Umm on wich level are we

The spartans were walking on mechanic ground that looked unened and when the red spartan was thinking, the black one asked:.-And umm...On wich level are we? When he saw some mechanic villians ready to kill them.

Fott8 Crush


The spartans entered in a place called Fott8 Crush and the black one saw a button.He pressed it.What happened?

I wish I were dead

I wish I were dead

The two spartans saw a giant, possible boss that charge hos giant gun to fire the spartans.The red one tought its the Talos from their Myths.

I said it!

I said - Original

Unseen, the black spartan was playing whit a deadly giant sand scorpion that, „Punished” them.

This is Spartaaa! tank

SPARTA - Original

Spartans and the red spartan were fighting tanks from future on their tank that was winning.

Shall we?

Shall we

The spartans met a new boss in game.

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