"So what? It's not like I'm a traitor, but I can beat you in 23 seconds!!"

Speedy is a character created by MarioSonic1243 for the Maverick Hunter X series and Mega Man AX series. He is a protagonist in two series and is a younger brother of Laser.


Speedy has Mega Man Zero's gloves, Zero from the X series' shoulder amour, and has the same appearance as Middy, but is black and blue. He is voiced by Wayne Doster, the person who did Zero's voice in Mega Man X4 in english language. However, in japanese language, he is voiced by Yuuto Kazama, the person who did Zero's voice in the Zero series and ZX series.


He is very short-tempered and loves danger, adventure, and challenges. He can easilly starts fights and battles with his friends, especially Zero and Colonel.

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