Welcome to Stone Man Emails, rocking yesterday.


Why yes, yes there is. Basically, after the events of Mega Man 5, Stone Man had run away from Wily after an error changed his programming, turning him good. He now resides in a hidden underground city made almost entirely of rocks. He is one of the main rulers, along with his two best friends?

Arthur is a supposed punk rocker from England or something(even though he's not British or anything like that.). He mostly plays guitar, but is also good at the tubulum. He often does not understand what is going on, but if he does perceive the situation, he can have a solution to it that'll be fool-proof. He looks like Stone Man, but he wears the British flag-tie, some KISS-ish makeup, and jeans.

Gumball is a sort of a special robot. Made from spare parts, he appears to have a very, VERY low intelligence level, but it is actually very high (he is just prone to glitches in his system.). He has a wheel for his only leg, and two puny arms that have hands that can turn into a type of weapon. He has Stone Man's head.


1.Arthur's email (Empty)


Email them here!

Yo MAN!<br>
Please give the following message to Arthur:
You art not teh Punker, you art teh KISS! Punks are shweet!
Please tell Arthur this message as well:
Um, hello Arthur, might you tell me your favorite band I mean comeon,
You're you must be British to be wearing a flag, but seriously TELL ME!
Um, no Dr. Wily

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