Stun Woman

You're being a BAD boy!
Vital statistics
Title Robotic Hot Mom,
Gender Female
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Easy
Status Unknown
Location Egypt

Stun Woman is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century.


Long after the 1st Annual Robot Tournament, Issac Rossum thinks that he could create more Robot Masters. About that time, Awesome Man suddenly became a bit defective. So he decides to build a Robot Master to make sure others don't become defective by changing programming. This results in Stun Woman's creation. The name came up when Rossum realized that although her ability Stunning Heart worked, it also stunned Awesome Man.

Good Point: Persuasive

Bad Point: A bit bossy

Like: Being called attractive

Dislike: Rude robots


Has the appearance of an attractive (by Robot Master standards) woman wearing a gold Ancient Egyptian-style dress. She makes sure other Robot Masters don't become defective with Stunning Heart. The move can also be used to reprogram other Robot Masters (yes, even Mega Man), but chooses not to because she finds it unnecessary...yet. Her weapon is called "Stunning Heart". The user launches a heart that deals electric-elemental damage and paralyzes those that don't OHKO. Deals massive damage to "male" Robot Masters and does not work on "female" Robot Masters. The reason for this is because this weapon makes the target think the user is Stun Woman. Some say she and Pharaoh Man have something going on, but that's a rumor.


She takes double damage from the basic Buster shots. Plus, she is a bit predictable, so she is the easiest boss among the Robot Masters in Century.


  • "Who are you? It's rude to B&E, you know?"
  • "This will teach you a lesson!"
  • "How dare you to automatically assume I killed my master?"


  • Her Egyptian-style clothing is inspired by Pharaoh Man.
  • She and Hot Woman are in rivalry: both are attractive Robot Masters, Stun Woman by other Robot Masters and Hot Woman by humans.

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