The Stunning Heart is Stun Woman's special weapon.


The user shoots a pink heart at the enemy in a straight line. It paralyzes any enemy that doesn't get OHKOed by this weapon, allowing it to form a stepping stone for Mega Man if necessary.


Other than the AWESOME LAZAR, this is the strongest weapon available in Mega Man Century. This weapon does 6 damage to Surf Man (Only RM to be paralyzed by the attack), 3 damage to Guard Man, Virus Man, and Awesome Man, 2 damage to Glacier Man and Flat Man, and 0 damage to Stun Woman and Hot Woman. This is because the "mind" of the enemy affected by the attack is altered so that the enemy sees the user as Stun Woman.


Turns the color scheme of the user and the damage bar to gold.


  • This attack can only be used seven times.
  • Stun Woman is meant to attract other robots with this move similar to an attractive woman to a man; therefore the male Robot Masters take more damage than usual with this weapon and the female Robot Masters are immune.

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