Subzero Man is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man EN designed by Enker. Subzero Man is quick on his feet on icy surfaces with his built in ice-skates. His stage is an icy tundra.


  • Subzero Man greatly resembles Quick Man, but is said to not be a Quick Man recolor with skates. The main difference is the golden arc on his head is more U-shaped while Quick Man's is more V-shaped. There is also a small spike at the end of his helmet, similar to Shadow Man. Subzero Man is also similar to Chill Man.
  • Subzero Man's stage theme is this.
  • Subzero Man appears to be the first known Robot Master with visible ice skate blades on his feet, but the first one to exemplify skating movement is Ice Man.
  • The fan community sometimes makes jokes about Subzero Man, mainly ones referring to Sub-Zero of the Mortal Kombat franchise.