Subzero Man

Subzero Man is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man EN designed by Enker. Subzero Man is quick on his feet on icy surfaces with his built in ice-skates. His stage is an icy tundra.


  • Subzero Man greatly resembles Quick Man, but is said to not be a Quick Man recolor with skates. The main difference is the golden arc on his head is more U-shaped while Quick Man's is more V-shaped. There is also a small spike at the end of his helmet, similar to Shadow Man. Subzero Man is also similar to Chill Man.
  • Subzero Man's stage theme is this.
  • Subzero Man appears to be the first known Robot Master with visible ice skate blades on his feet, but the first one to exemplify skating movement is Ice Man.
  • The fan community sometimes makes jokes about Subzero Man, mainly ones referring to Sub-Zero of the Mortal Kombat franchise.

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