Surf Man

Vital statistics
Title Obvious Dude,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Medium
Status Unknown
Location Beach

Surf Man is a Robot Master boss in Mega Man Century.


Issac Rossum's friends didn't believe he made his previous Robot Masters, so Rossum proves it by building Surf Man as a surfing teacher. One of his old friends is a typical Surfer Dude, so Rossum takes that into account when making Surf Man.

Good Point: Teacher

Bad Point: Easily distracted

Like: Surfing

Dislike: Winter


Guess the element. Originally programmed to be a professional surfing teacher, guess who showed up to reprogram him for combat. Has a typical Surfer Dude accent and the weapon is Sweet Tide. Surf Man looks like a typical surfer dude and has an awesome surfboard attack. Surf Man has no buster and can only attack with the surfboard and Sweet Tide. Sweet Tide can only be used on the ground. The user does a mini-jump and two huge waves of water appear in front and behind the user. When Surf Man uses it, he rides on his surfboard.


Surf Man doesn't jump often, so jump over him before he uses Sweet Tide. Like most of the other Robot Masters, he takes more damage than usual from Stun Woman's Stunning Heart, but Surf Man in particular takes the full paralysis effect of this move, being his weakness. Use it before he uses Sweet Tide to make him completely useless.


  • "Hey dude. Come to learn?"
  • "Wicked!"
  • "I'm the killer dude? Not cool."


  • He was originally going to be named "Tide Man". Unlike the case with Bounce Woman, someone else already thought of the name "Tide Man".
  • He contributes the least to the storyline, as the post-battle dialog mentions that he is unimportant compared to the other Rossum Bots, even though he is built third.

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