Tales From The Gamer's Room is a fan sequel to the popular machinima Arby 'N' The Chief by Digital Ph33r, how it connects to megaman is that crossfusion megaman is the main hero, Tales From The Gamer's Room is made by the Megabound author after getting a youtube account called MrCrossoverer currently there is 5 episodes but a next one is underway.


Crossfusion Megaman

E-102 Gamma

Master Chief

Dalek Sec 'n' Dalek Cann




Roy Mustang

Phil the Trekbot

Clarie-Trent Donnovich's ex-girlfriend who dumped him after Chief and the Arbiter stop the Halo wedding, later while eating dinner, Mr.Yang came to her house and using strange powers given to him by an evil entity turned her into a Halo Reach Kat Figure and plan to add her to his "Collection" she however escapes and travels by plane to Mr.Crossoverer's home town where he finds her and brings her to his house.

Jetfire(AKA Gramps)


Current Atagonists


The Yang Patroll(Rampage, Soundwave, and Sideways)

King Glitch-it(True Leader)


The Golden Hard Drive Saga-Number of episodes:3

New Cast:None

Villain:The Cyber Thief

The Kajiu Game Book Saga

Number of Episodes: Unknown

New Cast:Daimugen The Living Palace, Mr.Ying, Phil The TrekBot,Roy Mustang,Clarie


The Key Of The Internet Saga

The Secret Wi-Fi Tower Saga

The Smash Texts Saga

-Mini Saga-

This Summer a Mini Saga called

-Tales from the Gamer's room:The Secret of the Academy-

Will take place,the plot is a base of a secret base of Mr.Yang Inc. hidden underground a academy wich the producer is going to for 2 weeks plans to hack into the academy and use it to take over other hi-tech areas for Mr.Yang's plans starting to take over Nintendo,Square Enix,Sega, and Capcom of america and merge it with his video game company as a monopoly scandal. The figures will serch far and wide throughout the camp to find the base and stop the cult from sucseeding,also they will discover a hidden Chuckola Cola(from Mario and luigi superstar saga) factory in a hidden room in the campus cafeteria(a rather nice one to add). Also while the group investigates,they are followed by mysterious space monster called Eleking


  • MrCrossoverer plans on possibly adding Greg the Spider and possibly one day Arbiter(if he can get a microsoft mike voice on his computer)
  • MrCrossoverer now says he will be adding a Alien Baltan figure from the Ultraman series

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