Reploid Extermination System AKA Talos
Vital statistics
Title The Talos tyrant
Gender Neutral
Race Mechaniloid
Faction evil
Health 50 Blows
Level Venusia, Sarmisegetusa
Status Destroyed
Location Unknown
Colluss feet


Reploid Extermination System known as Talos or Colossus Feet (also known as R.E.S or rIpeloidua extaminatteo sistaem in Japan) is a giant machinery created by Mylene Farrow. It serves to destroy the opposing reploids especially Maverick hunters. It was eventually destroyed by X.

Megaman X:Greek-o-Roman Adventure

In Greek-o-Roman Adventure he appeared as the final boss being modified as „Colossus of Rhodes„ or „Valliyum.

It mainly tries to crush the player in battle but the player can climb it and hit its head, its only weakness.

Black/White design of the head of Talos.


  • Its first Japanese name (R.E.S) Comes from the words Reploid Extermination System.

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