Teeth-No Problems is a episode from the second season of Megaman X:Right Back at you.


Its unknown but something determined in the mind of Iris to take in all ways the teeth of all villians when they were eventually attacking.She went to sell the teeth and got money for it.She was not the biggest baddie but her wish gone too far.In another day, Macubass repaired his teeth on dentistry,teeth that he was not knowing that he has and saw the other tooth-smashed villians waiting for their teeth repaired.Some of them were, Cindy, Dr. Ivi, Mylene and even Lord C.The thing was scandalous so macubass determined the villians to fool her but they was not knowing how.They saw Brawlacus having teeth cause Iris loved hamsters.He had eventually giant teeth and villians used him.Iris was fooled by Brawlacus cause she wanted the teeth but she was got by the other villians.They thinked that taking her teeth too will be perfect...Later, after the thousand of villians, she was last at dentistry.


  • It is one of the few episodes from anime that used in some scenes a traditional cell-animation.


  • The fact that Macubass had teeth is a refference to the fact, Robots can have teeth.

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