Tengu Man (テングマン Tenguman?) is a Robot Master from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass. Originally built as an experimental robot that can generate artificial typhoons, he was modified into a combat robot by Dr. Wily. He is designed after the Tengu, a Japanese yōkai.

Tengu Man is equipped with a razor-winged jet engine on his back that grants him high-speed flight, a retractable triple-bladed weapon (also known as a Ha-Uchiwa) on his arm, and the ability to summon cutting blades of air and whirlwinds with Tornado Hold to trap and blow his opponents to their doom. He is one of the few Robot Masters to grant two different Special Weapons on separate occasions. He is weak to Ice Wave and Spread Drill.

Tengu Man is highly proud of his large nose, is good at reading the atmosphere, and likes fly fishing. He looks down on others and fights with boldness, having noticeably arrogant and overconfident mannerisms.


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