Thadeus Wily

Vital statistics
Title Doctor (PhD in Robotics)
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Wily Robotics
Health A bit myopic, but otherwise fine.
Status Alive and Well
Location Thadeus Wily's Arctic Base

Dr. Thadeus Wily is the estranged son of Dr. Albert Wily. Rather than follow in his father's footsteps, Thadeus went in to robotics to distance his family name from Wily's evil.


Thadeus is Dr. Wily's son only by blood. He was born shortly after the marriage between his mother and father. Do to circumstances that were never clear to him, his parents divorced, and his mother won custody.

Thadeus grew up hearing of the exploits of his father, and took inspiration from those stories. He desired to build robots that would do whatever he asked. This changed when the news of his father's attempt at world conquest reached him. At that point, he decided to defend the family name, and prove himself superior to his scheming father.

His first attempt at building a robot master was a failure, resulting in little more than an advanced AI in a useless body. This AI now runs his building. Before attempting again, he hired an industrial espionage agent to retrieve the Blues blueprints to adapt as his own.

After studying the blueprints, he determined that the central core would be unstable, and modified the designs accordingly. He made other design changes and modifications as well, resulting in the Robot Master, Synth.


Thadeus plays little more role than a motivator for Synth to participate.




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