The Canopy (also called The Fusion Crevice) Is a Wilds infected zone from Megaman X:World Of X.

The Canopy takes up most of the Really twisted forets.The zone stands up of a fusion matter lake that has small islands and mounts, and a lot of buildings and bridges so the player can cross the giant moats of fusion amtter.

The canopy mostly has in the Twisted river that comes from the Water Institue (somewhere in the Palisades).The twisted river is one of the biggest formations of water.However, in the Canopy, the rives got larger and so much infected.

In the zone, A lot of Boss Fusions are roaming around, guarding all staircases that go to the bridges.The Twisted River passes through this zone, and the part of it running through the infected zone is extremely poisonous due to the Fusion Matter. However, giant filtering machines built byRepliforce filter the water at the ends of the infected zones to keep it from infecting the more Twisted river, and even worse, the entire ocean.

In the future, Fuse`s Lair moved here, having a teleporter to fuse however, The Canopy moved to Darklands getting rid of Fusion Zero`s Lair.

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Zero`s lair (Past)
  • Fusion Layer`s lair (Both Past and Future)
  • Fuse`s Throne (Future)
Really Twisted Forest infected zone

A part of the canopy

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