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The DSLA is an intergalactic terrorist organization lead by Starscream and Smithy.

Major members

  • Starscream - Leader of the Decepticons and was 2nd before when the old leader Megatron ruled.
  • Smithy - New 2nd in command of the Decepticons and Commbatacon commander he once had a robotic body but now he has a net navi body after suffering a humiliating defeat by Lan Hikari now he is out for Lan's blood for revenge.
  • Porky Minch - Constructicon commander
  • Paul - Terrorcon commander. He is a cruel and wicked Pokémon trainer and a "power hungry fool in denial".
  • Meru - Stunticon commander. He is the prince of Maron and the friend of Maru and a power hungry warrior.
  • Soundwave - Decepticon communications officer

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