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The Eight Gentle Judges (八審官, Hachishinkan) were eight judges of Lord C. They were corrupted to fight against the Maverick Hunters. Before they got corrupted, they were peaceful and good.

Members (without any info)

Devilbat schilt human Devilbat Schilt

Blazin Flizard Human Blazin Flizard

Lord C judge Lord C??

Childre Inarabitta human Childre Inarabitta

Cubit foxtar human Cubit Foxtar

Volteel biblio human Volteel Biblio

Glacier Le Cactank human Glacier Le Cactank

Tretista kelverian human Tretista Kelverian

Behind Scenes

Behind scenes and other appearance, Cubit Foxtar dislikes Tretista Kelverian due his brutal fight mode. She has more a crush on Blazin Flizard.

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