Macubass:All systems are green, the R.E.S is ready to launch.

Mylene:Oh my, send him and...

Macubass:We are sorry mistress but he still has some flaws, shall we still launch him??

Mylene:Flaws??Means that you did not worked anything.

Macubass:No mistress but our researchers could not find them and we let them.


Macubass:We recovered parts after the first fight beetwen him and X but they were affected for unknown reasons.Ergo,They were scattered all around the world Ergo!!

Macubass:Take your lunch?

Mylene:No time,Res must being launched NOW!!

Macubass:But your plan doesnt workes.

Mylene:(Slaped Macubass furious)SILENCE!I will launch Res even if it would be the last thing I will do.

Macubass:Ouch!!Systems ready, launch Him...

Mylene:So we do!C is not paying us for standing.

Macubass:Is he our boss?

Mylene:Course of.He must not escape...

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