The Natura Powers are a series of robots from ancient times. They are a robot team of robots who guarded different areas of the world. In ancient times, they faught the evil Negus, and saved the galaxy from domination by doing so. Eventually, they get sealed up in The Chamber of Essence, only thousands of years later to be found by Dr. Wily (who we found out he being hypnotized by Negus), who used an advanced programming technique to make them fight Megaman and kill him. Once Megaman defeats them, and Dr. Light fixes them up, they explain all about Negus and his evil domain.

The Natura Powers

NOTE*-The Natura Powers do have -man in their name, but are not made by a scientist, but by nature, so they are not considered Robot Masters, but could be on a page about Robot Masters.

NP:001) Mountainman

Power-Mountain Block                                                                                                                             

Weakness-Shred Hatchet

NP:002) Polarman

Power-Polar Blow

Weakness-Tropic Temperature

NP-003) Tropicman (coming soon)

Power-Tropic Temperature

Weakness- Droplet Sprout

NP-004) Dropletman (coming soon)

Power- Droplet Sprout

Weakness- Atmospheric Beam

NP-005) Atmosphereman (coming soon)

Power- Atmospheric Beam

Weakness- Mountain Block

NP-006) Bushman (coming soon)

Power- Bush Grasp

Weaknes- Polar Blow

NP-007) Generatorman (coming soon)

Power- Generator Shock

Weakness- Bush Grasp

NP-008) Hatchetman (coming soon)

Power- Shred Hatchet

Weakness- Generator Shock

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