The Rebellion army (also called Regal force sometimes) is the army formed by Lord C and currently, his single.

Rebellion Army groups

Main elite (Shown in slideshow below)

  • All
  • Seismic Ramhorn
  • FidiShrike
  • Kayreon Fistleo
  • Angler Gloomfish
  • Needler Mantisquito
  • Jabberwock
  • Intercepturtle
  • Archafes pid
  • GaleSkorp
  • Selaya
  • The main emblema of the team

  1. Selaya
  2. Seismic Ramhorn
  3. Galeskorp
  4. Kayreon Fistleo
  5. FidiShrike
  6. Needler Mantisquito
  7. Angler Gloomfish
  8. Jabberwock
  9. Intercepturtle
  10. Archafes-pid

The Covenant Army (sometimes called the Covenant Empire by Maverick hunters)

The covenant army contains all groups mentioned below.


  1. San`Shyuum species
  2. Sangheili species
  3. Met`Gara species
  4. Cephalo`Ulraj species
  5. Lekgolo Species (Together, they form the Mgalekgolo)


  1. Kig-Yar
  2. Yanmee`e
  3. Unggoy species
  4. Affles`Taron species

Third Unit Megalo

  1. Cephalo`Regnus species
  2. Ore-Mna species
  3. Capha-Yer species

Second Unit Cephalo

  1. Ren-O species
  2. Snae-ro species

First Unit OC

  1. Dr. Ivi robots (Badniks)

Unit 1 leading

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