„So, unfortunately these are the heroic reploids...No challenge for the twelve orders but I wont get back...Like the dimmings of the theather lights, the bell signals the beginning of act 1 !„ -Lord C

The Twelve orders (Tiruwevio orudars) is a group of evil new-era reploids that terrorized the world since 9 years ago.They came 9 years ago from an unknown planet called by Lord C „Gundalia„.The twelve orders introduced a new type of reploids called „Guardian summons„ that are reploids that can morph into a much smaller toylike form and they introduced elements that are called „Gene„.


  • Lord C-Leader (Unknown if deceased or not)

-Guardian Summon:Zenthon

-Guardian summon gene:Fire

  • Dr. Eggman (2004-2010) -Unknown if deceased or not

-Guardian Summon:Project E.G.G.M.A.N

Guardian summon gene:?

-Guardian Summon:Blitz Reeg

-Lumagrowl (Temporary, after the death of cindy)

-Guardian summon gene:Light (Both)

-Guardian Summon:Volfurio/Yoolfurion

Guardian summon gene:Light/Wind

Minor Twelve orders

-Guardian Summon:Lumagrowl

-Guardian summon gene:Light

-Guardian summon:Ballom Mastix

-Guardian summon gene:Dark

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