"The brutal ending is a crossover involving many fanons. Add your fan charecters and watch them get intertwined into the plot, and wait for your favorite robotmasters to appear" -Wagdawgwag, creator of "the brutal end"


Once, there were 2 ultimate beings, King Creator, and Duke Destroyer. The first was responcible for all that grew, and the second was responsible for the death of almost everyone. One day, the duke killed the king, fufilling an ancient prophecy. Now that this prophecy has been fufilled, a catyclism between dimensions started, in the process of starting a new one. All living must attempt survival through the trials of the destruction of dimensions by the duke.

Character list

write the names below and later on, they might appear in the story.

  • Because Century Man already knows the ending to this, he sends Awesome Man to the trial, knowing that whatever happens, Awesome Man can still be revived. Pikmin Master 00:59, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

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