Thermo Man

Mom and Dad said "Hi".
Vital statistics
Title Paradoxal Child,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Light Bots, Rossum Bots
Health 28
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Mountain

Thermo Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2. He is the "child" of the previous game's Hot Woman and Glacier Man.


Before Issac Rossum died before the events of the previous game, he left blueprints on what seems to be a hot-and-cold temperature-absorbing robot. His parents, with only a moderate experience in building robots by observing their son, used the blueprints to make that robot in his honor. Glacier Man noticed this and wants them to make a "son" for him and Hot Woman. She and Century Man also came to assist. The five of them eventually made the child-like Thermo Man, primarily used as a mediator between the heat and cold temperatures generated by his "parents".

Good Point: Heat and Cold

Bad Point: Childish

Like: Playing

Dislike: Adult stuff


Thermo Man is pretty much Hot Woman and Glacier Man combined, regulating temperature while using extreme heat and cold for attack. The design is somewhat similar to both as well. He's good friends with Freeze Man from 7. His weapon is Cold Flare, where the user throws an ice ball to the ground, releasing multiple fire balls upwards.


The only important thing about the battle is to stay away from his attack, Cold Flare, as it can freeze you in its ice form or attack you multiple times in a wide area-of-effect in its fire form.

Alternatively, if you have the Spacial Reverse, you can use that for when he uses Cold Flare to absorb and redirect the attack for a lot of damage.


  • "My parents told me a lot about you."
  • "Finally, we can play!"
  • "Aww. You beat me. Let's play again some time."


  • Even though Thermo Man is "child-like", the "Man" part of the name stays.

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