Timid Ivybird appears in MegaLion X.Her species is a Kiwi,and her stage (Flower Area) is in New Zealand.Her weapon is Ivy Wave.And she is a bit paranoic.

Dialogue with Kelvin

Ivybird: Heh....I'm thinked that you will die by allow of my great plants.But you're Plantcutter.

Kelvin: Stop terrorize these good-hearted animals!

Ivybird: They cut my plants over.You cut them.And you gonna die.Hee-hee-ee!

Info card



Good point:Careful

Bad point:Psycho


Dislikes:Any harm to them


  • Her disliking of flower damages is based on her weakness Spin Flasher that you get from Dance Squid,because it stops time and does a small tornado that destroys all enemies in zone where Kelvin stays.

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