Tippe Man
Tippe Man Rough Draft
"It's time to step up! Prepare to be broken by my dance, poser!"
Vital statistics
Title B-Boy, B-Man, Dance Master, DPN-032
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro
Health 28
Level Unspecified
Status Decommissionable (K4)
Location Unspecified

Dr. Kojiro's thirty-second robot master Tippe Man was based on the theme of a tippe top, and was intended by the mad doctor to be an improvement upon Dr. Wily's Top Man, as Kojiro was hoping to prove to himself to be better than "that old fogey" after his three prior defeats began to get him down.

Tippe's body is separated into five sections that hover around each other thanks to magnetic levitation. However, he can alter the polarity on each limb, thereby firing his limbs off to spin away from him to cover more ground than would otherwise be available. After spinning for long enough, the limbs will lift upwards onto their stems, altering how much damage they do to their foe. They will begin to slow down eventually, however, at which time Tippe Man will retract them to his main body to prepare for another attack. He also possesses a pea shooter to deal normal ranged attacks, however.


  • Tippe Man is a great breakdancer.
  • As of his creation, Tippe Man is one of Somarinoa's personal favorite of his Robot Master designs.

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