Tolley Man
Tolley Man
Vital statistics
Title DPN-023
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro
Health Unspecified
Level Unspecified
Status Functional (Destroyable)
Location Unspecified

Dr. Kojiro's twenty-third robot master Tolley Man was based on the theme of a marbles. He is quick on his feet through the use of marble wheels installed in each heel, and he combines this with his signature attack, Marble Barrage, to knock his opponents flat on their backs to further make them incapable of outrunning him.


Behind the scenes

  • "I went with catseye marbles because they're both my favorite as well as the style that is most easily identified as a marble. I wasn't sure what colors to pick for him, so I went with the marble colors that I knew best as a child -- green-tinted glass with a red and blue catseye. There were also red and yellow ones I had, so I made his armor coloring golden to represent the other color."
  • "His head is a marble held in place by two claspers -- essentially what I always thought of how ramune drinks must have held their marbles (though it's actually just pressure)."

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