Toxic Waste Man

He is a rebel who's only goal is to pollute the Earth for his own greedy reasons. Overcame with business greed, he is called a disgrace by his fellow robot masters, including Nuclear Bomb Man and Cyclops man. His only master is Dr. Wily and himself. He plans to overcome Wily and take over the world.—Mega Man 11

Toxic Waste Man


His weapon is the "Toxic Splat". Here's how it works: when you fire it, it gushes out and moves 4 feet away then falls on the ground. How he uses it is that he shoots waste at you. His weapon works on Bull Man.


He is weak to the Nuclear Missle, Nuclear Bomb man's weapon. Whe it touches him, he explodes. After two hits from this thing, he is defeated. It takes 12 shots using the mega buster.

Overall Stats

His personality is not kid friendly. His boss is not friendly. His weapon is a overpowered version of OilMan's weapon. We is powerhouse who's greed relates to human error.

Rating: 2/5

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