"Looks like you made it this far pest but you will never defeat me or get to lord Wily!"
―Toxic Man to Mega Man after he makes it to Toxic Man's room., [[{{{3}}}]]
"OH! Hello what do you want little girly, aren't you the one who's been battling your way up here? So do you want to join me or oppose me? Hey you can't go and call Lord Wily stupid. Now I know you oppose me, I'm Toxic man what's your name?"
―Toxic Man to Roll after she makes it to Toxic Man's room., [[{{{3}}}]]

Toxic Man is an industrial Robot Master that was corrupted by the evil Dr. Wily.


Before he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, Toxic Man was built to work, help, be a tour guide and even eventually become the mascot of a toxic waste dump due to popular demand. After he was reprogrammed he was going berserk and destroyed most of the toxic waste factory.


Toxic Man likes to protect the environment from the toxic waste he produces. He will sometimes create fuel and chemicals that could help in the future.

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