„So these are X and his old blonde kid...How was he called?...Umm Zero...Hahaha, he is already one. Ermmm, and I am Tretias, I am an adult comparing to you children. Tretias for you means your death! Remember this! I will crush your tiny necks loke from little cans. Gwahahahaaa!„

-Tretias welcoming X and Zero

„Why Tretias, why did you let two kids in armor defeat you? You are a titan, you cannot be defeated but...They are hunters, they believe in freedom...Ough,Cough...My whole body hurts!...„

-Tretias dying

Tretias Kleverianon is a stereotipycal cerberos-like character and a mutos reploid.


Tretias is battled in a giant elevator where you cannot climb walls so you must jump over him or you
must Runnder him while he is in air. Tretias is very arrogant and very giant, almost huge and he thinks X, Zero and Axl as kids however, he was always defeated by them in fair battle. He can generate a saber from his hand, shooting lasers and sending two dog-like reploids from his shoulders to follow the player however they are invincible, they are fairly easy to defeat. The floor of the battle has a bit of junk (pipes, boxes, rocks) and Tretias will grab them and throw them at the player. If on the floor are too much boxes, he will destroy them with his saber. After a serious part of his HP is depleted, he will begin to jump on the player, and shooting deadly lasers from his three heads.


  • His three heads having a different thought system for judgment could be a reference to the three judges of Hades Rhadamanthys, Aeceus and Minos.

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