Trident image
A trident in ground
Vital statistics
Type Strong
Effects Jabbing or stunning the player.
Source None
Cost to buy For Lizard men or evil characters=000

For players or good characters=500 coins

Cost to sell Hammer or buster

The trident is a powerfull weapon mainly used by Lizard Men in Megaman X:Greek-o-Roman Adventure.


The result of hitting an enemy whit the trident is the one that the enemy will be knockled strong unconsiciosulyto the ground and stunned.The player can also grab enemies whit it.


Good characters have to buy it whit 500 coins.

Evil characters or Lizard mens can take it whit no cost.


It can be sold for a Hammer or a reploid buster.


  • The possible reason of the evil ones can take it whit no cost is beacause they created it and the good ones do not allow it if they will not pay.



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