Twin Men

When we're done,...
You'll be seeing double!
Vital statistics
Title Terrible Twosome,
Gender Male
Race Robot Masters
Faction Unknown Evil
Health 28
Level Easy/Medium
Status Destroyed
Location Tournament Simulator: Cityscape

Twin Men are a pair of bosses from Mega Man Century 3. They are battled in unison.


Twin Men were among the finalists involved with the Robot Tournament and somehow was turned evil. No one knows why they and 5 other Robot Masters in Mega Man's senario turned evil.

They are a byproduct of an experiment involving robots sharing the same "brain", meaning that they share the same programming, like a network. One is red and the other green to destinguish the two.


Two identical (except one is red and the other green) humanoid RMs who seem to share a mind. They attack in unison using their weapon Twin Wave (Red/Green). This attack resembles the Pharaoh Wave when used my Mega Man and co.


They are a bit difficult to predict, but they always use their main weapon, Twin Wave, at the same height at the same time, so Mega Man can jump or slide accordingly to dodge and get free hits.



  • There were plans to make other Robot Masters similar to this (Clock Men), but failed. [But then again, this is a fanmade Robot Master, so it's not like I'm doing any better.]

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