Twist Man

Top Man has nothing on me!
Vital statistics
Title The Guy Who Spins,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Light Bots, Unknown
Health 28
Level Medium/Hard
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Farm

Twist Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2.


The only thing known about Twist Man's creator is that he or she works as a farmer who had help from Dr. Light.

Good Point: Self-powered

Bad Point: Annoying

Like: Figure skating

Dislike: American football


Top Man has nothing on this. But then again, Top Man has nothing on anyone but Toad Man. Twist Man loves to multitask and it turns out he loves baseball, tennis, and figure skating for some reason. Has a mostly yellow color scheme and runs on pretty much itself, meaning the more he spins, the more energy it produces. His weapon is Super Spin. Like Top Spin, the user spins and is a melee attack. The huge difference is that the user can use it on the ground, is invulnerable during the spin, and solar energy, as in what the Mega Buster is made of, spins around the user, having more horizontal range. The attack still cannot easily kill enemies above and below the user. When the move is used on the ground and moves, the user moves faster. Can be used to reflect projectiles, as Repel Magnet can only reflect physical attacks.


Do not use most projectiles when he uses his signature Super Spin, especially Laser Beam, since he reflects projectiles using it. Twist Man will usually start the battle using Super Spin to speed up towards you, like Top Man. He tends to spin towards you, so make sure you get Bouncing Bunnies with you and jump in time.


  • "Ready to go!"
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Ooh! Cute bunnies." (When using Bouncing Bunnies)
  • "Should not have been distrated..."


  • Twist Man is the only Robot Master that is self-powered.

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