Model - Dropship
Type - 26-Troop Carrier :Phantom:
Crew - 20 Troops plus 2 Gunners
-1 Pilot
-1 Co-Pilot
Shielding - Yes
Slipspace - None
Ammunition Type - Overheated Plasma

The Type-26 Troop Carrier or T-26TC, or known by Maverick Hunters as "Phantom" a Maverick Hunter Ship used to bring and take troops into/form battle.The Ship has one Chin-Mounted Front cannon and two side cannons wich fire uperheated Plasma.

In spite of the three cannons who are the whole artillery of the ship, they are extremly vulnerable, and weak, as the side-cannons use troops to be controlled, and the Chin-mounted one is automatically controled, but isn`t as smart as the Side ones.


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