The Marble civilization

Tyrannical Greens

Marble Garden image
The icon of the Tyrannical Gardens
Vital statistics
Type Ancient

Newly Tech (After reconstruction)

Level 0 Meters to 4000 KM
Location Unspecified
Inhabitants Regal forces


The marble Garden (Also called Tyrannical Gardens) is the single location in a fangame called „Megaman X:Acropolis„.

In anime, It has shown its constructions and size changed drasticaly.


The Tyrannical Gardens were originally caled Marble Garden.Its a huge garden that is very beautiful to eye but If you want to go to the end of it, better bring a vehicle whit you cause on foot, it will take 1 month.(Sarcastically.Not really 1 month, 3 hours).

After Reconstrcutions

After the events from Megaman X:Acropolis, The Marble garden was reconstructed and renamed Tyrannical Gardens.Lord C added more tech in it and made it better.

Enemies (Megaman X:Acropolis only)


  • Marble garden is obiviously reffered as „Dyonisopolis„ or „Greece„.
  • It was shown that after reconstruction, Lord C built in the middle of the garden and Shrine were he keeps a huge emerald.
  • In anime, Lord C reasoned why he keeps an Emerald there: „Nice, isnt?My Dear liked it seriously.Well, its still for her.„ .

Megaman X-World of X

The Ryrannical gardens appear in MMX-World of X as Infected zone.The zone, has at entrance severeal ``Stop``, ```Beware`` etc signs.The zone, apparently was both zoo and botanical garden judging after the several cages, fountains and seras from there.


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