VILE: Hey, welcome to my emails, and remember: It's not illegal if no one knows what you're doing!



  • Vile why are you so awesome? - Vile fanboy x-killa
  • Hey there, VAVA Fett. How is Jabba?


Put emails here in pre format!

Yo, Vile!

Do you take your helmet off before taking a nap?

D-Boy Wheeler
Beavercreek, OH
Dear Vile,

1-Is your boss sigma fed up of being bald? 

2-Do ever show your real face?

3-Do have a crush on any certan female reploid?

4-What do you do on your spare time?

5-Do you ever get a raise for your job?

Anthony Coppola a huge Megaman fan.

Dear Vile.

Okay, Mr. *Maverick Hunter*, how much do you REALLY hate X? I mean, how much do you hate him? I noticed you bear so much animosity towards him to borderline obsession, so yeah.

Kaihedgie, some guy.

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