Virus Man

Am I evil?
Vital statistics
Title The Cursed One,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Medium
Status Unknown
Location Swamp

Virus Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century.


Issac Rossum needed help in dealing with a powerful computer virus he's facing recently. He tried every known antivirus software, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to work. Even Stun Woman's Stunning Heart isn't helping. He decides to get help from Dr. Wily. Wily gladly helped out Rossum (odd, right?) because Wily knows Rossum's father and is a good college buddy of him and Dr. Light. This resulted in Virus Man's creation, allowing him to absorb the virus. However, Wily, being Wily, sneaked in a weapon that, after the virus was absorbed, shoots the virus, causing the virus to spread. Rossum realized this when Virus Man can no longer absorb viruses and instead made more viruses worse. This caused the public to fear Virus Man (not to mention the name). Virus Man doesn't like both the name and his weapon, so he flees to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone again.

Good Point: A nice robot

Bad Point: Cursed

Like: Peace

Dislike: His weapon


The actual RM doesn't like the name for obvious reasons, but is stuck with it. Virus Man is actually a nice RM, but the idiot who named him (Wily) wants the general public to think he's a menace to society. His weapon is Venom Shot, which is poisonous to robots, doing the classic RPG status ailment "Poison" to enemies. Virus Man is cursed with this weapon, as he has nothing else to defend himself with and only uses it as a last resort.


This boss takes double damage from the Mega Buster, but like Stun Woman, Virus Man's attacks will damage Mega Man a lot, including damage draining effects. Having Wave Guard is a good idea. Besides being Virus Man's weakness, it bounces off the Virus Shot.


  • "Don't touch me. I'm dangerous."
  • "Are you the hero I've heard about? Save me."
  • "Please help me by removing this weapon."


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