The Virus Shot is Virus Man's special weapon.


The user shoots a green blob at the enemy. Deals 1 damage to Stun Woman, but otherwise doesn't do direct damage. Does damage over time similar to the Poison effect of the Final Fantasy series.


Most regular enemies are weak to this move because of the above, but Awesome Man is the only Robot Master that takes damage due to the effect. Stun Woman also takes damage from this move, but is immune to the Poison effect. The other Robot Masters are immune to this move and heals Virus Man when used against him.


Turns the color scheme of the user and the energy bar to purple.


  • Awesome Man seems to be weak to this move because he is made before Virus Man's creation when the virus was active. Stun Woman taking damage from this move may be from the same reason.
  • This move can be used more times than the other special weapons in Mega Man Century, therefore, it is a good alternative to the Mega Buster.

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