Web Man
Web Man
"Things are about to get sticky."
Vital statistics
Title DPN-006
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro
Health 28
Level Magnetic Jungle
Status Destroyable
Location Amazon Rainforest, South America
Web Man Sprite

An enlarged standing sprite of Web Man.

Dr. Kojiro's sixth robot master, Web Man was based on the theme of magnetics, electric nets and spiders. He uses powerful magnetic rings around the rims of his four buster cannons (on both arms and legs, respectively) to allow him to move unhindered across all surfaces of his arena, making him a difficult contender for Mega Man. The magnets on these busters also magnetize his electric nets as they pass through the rings, giving them the ability to slightly pull targets towards them.

His weapon, the Mag Net, fires an electromagnetic net that, instead of homing in on foes, pulls them towards itself as it travels forward. Any enemy hit will be stuck and take damage over time until they successfully break out. These nets glow a bright green.

He fights by moving along the various walls, floor and ceiling, firing off his Mag Nets in a few choice patterns. If Mega Man gets too close to Web Man, he will grab the Blue Bomber using his arms' magnets, lift him over his head and throw him.

Behind the scenes

  • Web Man was created through an original conceptual image around noon AST on July 20th, 2011. He was given an official image at 12:55am AST the following morning, drawn directly after Cave Man's image.
  • While a new character, his physical design, abilities and name is actually based off of a character of Somarinoa's from 4th Grade, an "Eye Guy" named Webslinger. Two other back up names were set up for him as he was hoping to avoid giving it a name already in use by another fan, and planned to check deviantART and Google Images later on to check and finalize the character's name. These secondary and tertiary names were Net Man and Gossamer Man. Net Man turned out to be taken, and Gossamer Man wasn't looked up since nothing was found under "Web Man". The name "Gossamer Man" inspired the arachnid concepts that eventually entered into Web Man's design.
  • His forearms and legs are built highly similar to one another, and have a magnetic ring around their edges to allow him to move about unhindered along all surfaces, as well as be able to hold things. All four of these are actually busters. His head is built to resemble a spider's abdomen, and four "dreads" drop down from it to look like legs (only two are shown as the other two curtain off the back of the head). His torso has "stripes" on it, which are intended to resemble two pairs of the spider that forms his head's legs - the other four limbs are his actual limbs. His eyes and the markings on his pelvic plating are sharp to represent fangs.

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