Wicked Man
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Eye ColorDark Red
Hair ColorUnknown
BirthplaceAraneae Planet
First AppearanceGemini Man: Narcissist Soul
Main WeaponAlpha Team
Wicked Man is the main antagonist of Gemini Man: Narcissist Soul and the fourth antagonist of the Technoliner series right after Satan Man.



Taking Over Gary's Body


Alpha Team's Elements

  • Shadow Man
  • Star Crash
  • Search Snake
  • Gemini Laser
  • Crash Bomber
  • Metal Blade
  • Leaf Shield
  • Top Spin
  • Atomic Fire
  • Ring Boomerang
  • Magnet Missle
  • Silver Tomahawk
  • Time Slow
  • Oil Slider
  • Pharaoh Shot

Alpha Team's Advanced Attacks

  • Shuriken Wave
  • Mirror Barrage
  • Shining Drill
  • Axe Shower

Body Parts

  • Shadow Man:Scarf
  • Star Man:Torso
  • Snake Man: Lower part of helmet
  • Gemini Man:Head mark
  • Crash Man:Left arm
  • Metal Man:Blades across the shoulders
  • Wood Man:Helmet
  • Top Man:Wheels
  • Heat Man:Face
  • Ring Man:Right hand
  • Magnet Man:Right leg
  • Tomahawk Man: Head gear
  • Time Man: Bells of the helmet
  • Oil Man: Mark
  • Pharaoh Man:Left leg
  • Gyro Man:Back
  • Flash Man:Sash armor
  • Jewel Man: Jewels on the bottom
  • Burner Man: on top of head
  • Air Man: Inside of Star Man's torso

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