The world types are several types of lands meet in Megaman X:World Of X. The world are of 7 types: Suburbs, Wilds, Downtown, Palisades, Darklands, Unknown, Offworlds and districts. Every world type includes Regions. Regions are cities from World types. Some of the the zones have their own music, instead of the main music used in a type of zone.


  • The Suburbs - are suburbial zones referring to little towns.
  • The Wilds - are wildness, forests and canyons.
  • The Downtown - Probably the most technologic, futurisic and advanced world type. It has giant metropoles, huge buildings and more enemies.
  • The Palisades (Not referring to Pristine Parisade) - are aquatic-based cities and buildings.
  • The Darklands - is a special world type and these zones aren't obligatory, they are more special stages but there lies the lair of Fuse!
  • Unknown - are areas outside the borders, probably the most deserted areas from the game where Fuse still invaded but there is nothing to see.
  • The Offworlds - Offworlds are areas darkened by dark sky and as they are scattered all around the mobius, the player cannot find them everywhere. (Note: Offworld Plaza is not an Offworld).
  • The Districts - Districts are really green places that are property of none other than Lord C. Now that Botanical beautifulnesses are infected by Fuse.

Suburbs Regions

  • Peach Creek Commons
  • Peach Creek Estates
  • Candy Cove
  • Eternal Vistas
  • Eternal Meadows
  • Genius Grove
  • Pokey Oaks North
  • Pokey Oaks South
  • Pradiox Station

Wilds Regions

  • Leakey Lake
  • Prickley Pines
  • Camp Kidney
  • Mount Blackhead
  • Twisted Forest
  • Really Twisted forest
  • Sage Falls
  • The Ruins
  • Canyon of the devil
  • Bluff of the devil

Downtowns Regions

  • The Volcano
  • Tech Square
  • Steam Alley
  • Offworld Plaza
  • Morbucks Towers
  • Morbucks Estates
  • City Hall
  • Marquee Row
  • City Sation
  • City Center
  • Lord C`s Palace

Palisades Regions

  • Regal Bravobeach
  • Orchid Bay
  • Water Institute
  • Water Plant
  • Ivi Waterisades

Darklands Regions

  • Forgotten Falls
  • Forsaken valley
  • Dinosaur pass
  • Fireswamps
  • Firepits
  • Fireglades
  • Huntor`s crest
  • Dark glade
  • Hero`s Hollow
  • The precipice
  • Green Maw
  • Fuse`s Lair

Unknowns Regions

  • Unknown
  • Area 51.1
  • Nowhere

The Offworlds

  • Offworld Athena
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Doomville
  • Sirian Plaza

Districts Regions

  • Habitat Homes
  • Old Presidential
  • Noah`s Park
  • Galaxy Gardens
  • Kobeolds Gardens
  • Green Greeny Heaven
  • Saint Gardens

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