Worm Man
Worm Man 3
Vital statistics
Title DPN-034
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro Peppa
Health 28
Level Unspecified
Status Decommissionable
Location Unspecified
File:Worm Man Sprite.png

Worm Man is a huge robot master built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa on the theme of worms. His body is naturally prehensile and he can slither through the floors of his low ceiling dirt cave to emerge in a different location - perhaps the floor, ceiling or one of the walls. To tunnel through the dirt, his fingers and dreads can twirl around each other to form makeshift drills.


How Worm Man fights depends upon how close Mega Man is to the RM when Worm pops out of the dirt of his personal tunnel.

If Mega Man is close, he uses his lower body to attack like a whip. If he's too far away, he will shoot at the blue bomber with his upper body, either with his signature weapon or a hidden weapon nestled amongst his dreads. There is a surprising twist to him, though; using a certain copy weapon against him will slice him in half, and his body structure will adapt, transforming into two unique robot masters. This actually makes him stronger and is not his weakness (as both can still dig).

Behind the scenes

  • Worm Man's design theme was chosen by Somarinoa's old friend, "Mayhem". Mayhem and Somarinoa drew their ideas of the characters separately, and revealed them to each other at the same time so as not to affect each other's personal ideas on the characters, thereby allowing each design to be as original as possible from one another.
  • His body was inspired by several species of worms - the main body was inspired by a typical earthworm, the torso armor was also intended to be like that "square section" on an earthworm. His toes are intended to look like the ends of worms, while his arms, phalanges and dreads are all based off of worms, as well (the clustering effect they give is inspired by the idea of tubifex worm clusters). The object on his back is shaped like the head of an acorn worm. Also, his forearms and legs are meant to resemble tin cans, like cartoons would often show fishermen holding their worms in. The idea of being able to cut him in half and both halves still surviving is a reference to the ability to cut earthworms, tapeworms and planarians apart and have them actually survive.


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