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Dear X, Zero is taking WAY TOO LONG with my question I sent him. Could you please ask him how long he'll take? While you're doing that, I'll go beat Mega Man 2, FOR THE 11th TIME (yes, I've played the game too many times.) Ready and Waiting, C.S.

Dear X, I'm getting straight to the point. Here are the questions. Does Zero know about the friend request I sent him? Could you please ask him to answer ASAP? Have you, Zero, Axl, Alia, Iris and/or Pallette seen "Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX?" If not you should. Have you, Zero, Axl, Alia, Iris and/or Pallette seen BrainScratchComms on You Tube? If not you should. Sincerely, C.S.

Dear, X.
Did you and Zero ever do something crazy like...
Destroy buildings and slash cars in half or.
Throw apple's at unsuspecting pedestrians or.
Just destroy things/kidnap people/besides destroying the Mavericks.
If so are you ashamed of it?
A pedestrian.
Hey X do you listen to music? If so do you listen to heavy metal,like metallica slayer and megadeth?
Oh and do Reploids ever get crunk? If so,do you get crunk and do crazy things like have partees?

a metalhead headbanger
Hey, X.

Have you ever done anything similar to
Parappa the Rapper?

D-Boy Wheeler
Beavercreek, OH



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