Xeno Man
Xeno Man
Vital statistics
Title GDN-001
Gender Male-Programming
Race Stardroid
Faction Galaxy Droids
Health 28
Level Alien Hive
Status Decommissionable
Location Unspecified
File:Xeno Man Sprite.png

Xeno Man was the first Galaxy Droid built, intended as a war machine only for it to be discovered that Xeno was even more violent than his creators had initially intended him to be. To try and keep him in check, Hunts Man was created. This sparked a rivalry between the two robots that burns to this day. Even so, both operate together when a small group of Galaxy Droids arrive on Earth in an attempt to conquer it.


  • Xeno Man (GDN-001)
  • Good Point: Great warrior
  • Bad Point: Mean spirited
  • Likes: Violence
  • Dislikes: Hunts Man

Behind the scenes

  • The Galaxy Droids are all inspired by extraterrestrials in media as well as some of the user's own races thrown into the mix (such as "Aurix Man"). They're essentially Somarinoa's answer to Stardroids.
    • Xeno Man is based off of a Xenomorph -- aka the Aliens from the Alien series.

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