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„Geez...The Twelve Ordinates invadede my city,Only you can help us!„

Candice Zara Jetskill
Vital statistics
Title Dizzy heroine
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Good
Health ---
Level ---
Status Unknown
Location Genius Grove


Zara is a inhabitian from a city called Genius Grove.Genius Grove was invaded by the twelve orders and she

Zara as she appeared in Megaman X:World of X.

believes that the hunters can defeat them however this will be hard indeed.


  • Zara has the tendency of saying the name of the Twelve Orders as „The twelve Ordinates„ or „The Twelve ordinars„ .
  • Zara is dresses exactly Like DeeDee, an animated character from a cartoon serial called „The laboratory of Dexter „

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