„I am Zenthon! Metogan!`

Zenthon (Zetnen akurate-Zetunenu Akkuratu in Japanese) is a Matyr leader and the penultimate boss from Megaman X:Matyr Warfare.


Zenthon, also called Zetnen Akkurat, is a leader from Matyr team but he is tyrannical, very bad and cruel, having only respect to Lord C. Every time he did jobs for Lord C and every time fought dirty.


Article subject:Zenthon Matyr form

  • As beginning, he will say his quote mentioned above and begin to slash the player.
  • Then he will launch fire lasers.
  • After that, he will begin to fight in a strange Karate/Kung fu style.
  • After that, he will begin to make himself invisible and attacking the player every time from behind.

Article Subject: Zenthon Titan

After his defeat, the field will transform into a spacial arena and he will fuse with Lord C for forming Zenthon Titan (Also Called Zetnen Titanis).

  • He will begin to jump on the player that is pretty hard to dodge or avoid.
  • Then he will make a kind of water in a part of the field, slowing the player and he will fly and launch some piranha robots in water.
  • After 7/12 Piranha robots are killed, the water will disintegrate and he will jump on field.
  • Then he will make a double edged saber and start slashing on the player.
  • If the player avoids the slashes long enough Zenthon will launch the saber as a straight-going rocket even not being one.
  • After that, he will punch the player with his enormous hands.
  • After that, he will fly in sky and targeting the player. The target can be tricked to remain in a place the player is not.
  • After a place tagged, he will jump on that place.
  • Then he will summon two phantomatic familiar matyr looking clones that will slash the player two times and then disappear giving to Zenthon 5 more HP.
  • After the defeat, the arena will crash and the player with Zenthon will fall into a water-filled forest.
  • Zenthon will fly to sky, not destroyed.


  • Zenthon, in both forms, is the only matyr who calls in battle the alternative name of Matyrs.
  • In normal and titan form, there are just some minor differences that are the powers, height and colors even though he has small differences to his titan form.
  • Although Zenthon was built by Repliforce and his natural destiny is being good, he is evil now for unknown reasons.
  • It's not accurate that Zenthon was built by Repliforce. If you look closely at the tail of Zenthon Titan, you can see a little Repliforce symbol.
  • Zenthon appears in Megaman X-world of X, talking about the other Matyrs, as well about his problems with Venaxeon. He also referred to Gallium when he said ``Gallium? He is old problem case, but I`ll say you one thing: he isn`t here and he wouldn`t be here too but he`s watching from far, waiting a chance to attack`` however he appears completely infected and trapped in fusion matter in Gallium Graveyard.


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