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ZombieMan.EXE image
"Get ready to be deleted, wimp!"
Vital statistics
Title The Ghastly Biker of Terror
Gender Male
Race NetNavi
Faction Evil, works for the "Legion of Abyss"
Health V1: 340 HP, V2: 460 HP, V3: 650 HP
Level Strong like GutsMan.EXE, 3rd Boss
Status Deleted
Location School Comp 5


ZombieMan.EXE is an evil NetNavi who works for FakeMan.EXE as the "brawn" of his group. Personality-wise, ZombieMan.EXE is rather aggressive and over-confident, always beating up weaker NetNavis. However, he's also quite dim-witted, always having a "pound 'em first, ask questions later" policy.

His operator is Kenta "Jigoku Oni" Takeshi, the leader of a biker gang who also works for FakeMan.EXE as a part of the "Legion of Abyss". He used to be a dim-witted school bully back in the school of ACDC Town until he got kicked out of school for bullying several kids younger than Kenta and his equally dim-witted gang of bullies too many times and even setting off a viral attack on the school system. Kenta now swears vengeance on ACDC Town's school and is the brawn of the "Legion of Abyss".



Here are ZombieMan.EXE's attacks.

- Kusarigama: ZombieMan.EXE whips out his Kusarigama and swings it over his head before either (A) throwing the sickle part across a single line of panels or (B) swing the weighted part of his Kusarigama down onto a panel the opponent's standing on, cracking that panel if the weighted part hits the panel the opponent was standing on.

- Zombie Summon: ZombieMan.EXE summons a Zombie Navi (100 HP/Normal) to fight alongside him. The Zombie Navis will just move around and may either throw a MiniBomb, use a Sword attack or a single GutPunch to attack the opponent. When ZombieMan.EXE gets defeated, so does the Zombie Navi.

- Two-Fisted Shockwave: ZombieMan.EXE brings both his fists above his head and slams them down onto the panel in front of him, making a shockwave that moves across a single line of panels towards the opponent.

- Column Hammer: Same as Two-Fisted Shockwave, except instead of a shockwave, it cracks one column of the opponent's panels in a vertical line that's in front of ZombieMan.EXE.

ZombieMan.EXE is a Metal-type NetNavi.


  • "Get ready to be deleted, wimp!"
  • "Alright, gang o' Zombies! Let's tear down this stupid network that kicked my operator and his gang outta school!"
  • "I don't believe it! A kid like you beat me?! Uhh...I gotta go! See ya later, shrimp!"


  • ZombieMan.EXE's operator, Kenta "Jigoku Oni" Takeshi, bears bit of a resemblence to Boss from Mazinger Z.

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  • [1] (ZombieMan.EXE's bio on DeviantArt, made by Raging-Banebou)

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